About HOPE


HOPE envisions a free, peaceful, and egalitarian society where everyone has equal access to legal, social, and economic justice. We believe that inclusivity, compassion, care, and optimism are the core values underpinning the camaraderie that can dare to imagine and build this future collectively.


Under the leadership of youth, women, and people of trans experience, HOPE serves marginalized communities by creating progressive and brave spaces that can expand our ability to learn and grow. Our aim is to create a society free from prejudice, where the human rights of all persons regardless of their body, gender or sexuality are protected. The co-conspirators who embody this change that we seek to bring are the pillars of strength for us for making this vision a reality.


HOPE’s vision and mission provide a strategic direction to our organizational objectives. To this end, HOPE has prioritized five thematic areas, to address the core problem:

Mental Health & Well-Being
Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR)
Sexual & Gender-Based Violence
Social, Economic & Legal Justice
Safety & Security



Latest Updates
  • MAD'OUQ [A documentary film on three Pakistani Transgender Men]. Grand Premier on 9th Nov 2021 at 5PM.



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