Rawish is an e-bulletin produced by HOPE as an initiative under Project ADAL to raise awareness on rights of transgender people in Pakistan. “Rawish” (literally, ‘pathway’), signifies course of manners or customs — a way of being; this e-bulletin similarly seeks to forge pathways for marginalized transgender identities within the mainstream. This e-bulletin features important news and developments regarding rights of transgender people in Pakistan, stories of change and empowerment from the community, data on abuses and violations against the rights of transgender people and analysis on laws, policies and practices affecting transgender people in Pakistan.

Project ADAL was launched in 2018 by HOPE and Sathi Foundation, in association with the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), to address the persistent discrimination and lack of accountability surrounding violence against transgender people in Pakistan. The goal of the project is to work with lawyers, judiciary, policymakers and the community to prevent such violations from occurring, and where violations occur, to ensure proper and transparent accountability and redress.

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Rawish e-bulletin #1 (Jan-Mar, 2021)