International law? It’s all a Western agenda! ❌

Transgender people? Human rights do not address them! ❌

Medical tests? We have to rule out fakes! ❌

In our latest instalment of ADAL Legal Clinic, Reema Omer, South Asia advisor for the International Commission of Jurists, is here to bust some common myths about transgender people in international law. There is a lot of misinformation going around about the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2018. Some people are once again asking for institutionalising medical screening for transgender people to access their basic rights as citizens. It’s 2022 and we cannot believe that we are still talking about this!

We turned to our favorite myth-busting, armed-with-facts and ever-so-eloquent legal expert, Reema Omer, to explain what international human rights law actually says about transgender people. In this video, Reema explains the international standards/principles governing the rights of transgender people and Pakistan’s obligations under various treaties and conventions. Moreover, she patiently breaks down why medical screening is a regressive and problematic practice and is tantamount to torture and ill-treatment per international law.

Pakistan’s Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights), 2018 is one of the most progressive laws of the region and must be defended for protection of the transgender community. Read our briefing paper with a detailed analysis of the law here.

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