Have you read the Aurat March manifesto this year? We recently sat in conversation with Sahar Bandial to discuss a topic brought up in the manifesto, the idea of Chemical Castration as a punishment. In this video, Sahar discusses the implication of such a punishment, and the questions it raises in the struggle to achieve universal basic human rights in Pakistan.
Sahar’s work speaks for itself; She is an advocate of the high court, and a member of faculty at LUMS, and holds a keen interest in the relationship between gender and law. Sahar has extensive experience in legislative drafting, especially in regards to the Criminal Law (Amendment) (Offences Relating to Rape) Act in 2016, as well as her involvement in petitioning the courts to ban the long-standing tradition of two-finger and virginity testing in Pakistan. She also worked in the Punjab Judicial Academy as an instructor.
Project ADAL was launched in 2018 by HOPE, with a focus on legal research, advocacy and awareness.
This video was created through the sponsorship of the International Commission of Jurists.
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