Incorrect: Transgender people do not need a separate law. The Constitution gives rights to all citizens already!

Incorrect: Transgender Act 2018 is contrary to the Constitution!

Incorrect: Transgender rights are a Western agenda.

Correct: Transgender Persons Act 2018 is compatible with and reinforces the Constitutional rights of transgender people.

In the second installment on transgender rights, we asked Zahida Sadiq, Advocate High Court with 15 years of experience in family, civil and criminal cases, to clarify the provisions of the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2018 in light of Constitutional law. There is a lot of misleading information about the rights of transgender people in Pakistan right now. This wrong information is being used to fuel the demand to repeal the law.

In this video, Ms. Sadiq explains to us why special laws are made to protect vulnerable communities. She clarifies that no law can be enacted in Pakistan that is contrary to fundamental rights guaranteed in the Constitution and the Trans Act 2018 reinforces the rights guaranteed in the Constitution. She explains in detail the important provisions of the Transgender Persons Act 2018 and what rights are available to transgender people under this law.

Pakistan’s Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights), 2018 is one of the most progressive laws of the region and must be defended for the protection of the transgender community. Read our briefing paper with a detailed analysis of the law here.

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