HOPE is excited to feature the iconic Ms. Reem Sharif for this week’s legal clinic!
Ms. Sharif made headlines as the first transgender person in Pakistan to work with the police. Ms. Sharif works as the Victim Support Officer at the Tahaffuz center in Rawalpindi. Tahaffuz is the brainchild of CPO Muhammad Ahsan Younas of Rawalpindi Police who has created this one-stop complaint center for transgender persons within the premises of the historic first women’s police station of the country (inaugurated by the late Benazir Bhutto). At this center, transgender persons can report crimes, obtain legal assistance, report missing transgender persons and apply for character certificates and tenant/employee registration.
Ms. Sharif is the proud face of transgender empowerment at Tahaffuz who offers her welcoming and kind presence to anyone who visits the center. As an activist in her own right, she has a firsthand sophisticated understanding of the problems experienced by the community. In this video, she explains the procedure of filing a complaint at the center.
You can contact Tahaffuz at 051-9293034 or Ms. Sharif directly at 0300-7983908.
Although this pilot project is limited to Rawalpindi for now, we hope that such initiatives are replicated all over Pakistan soon.
Project ADAL was launched in 2018 by HOPE, with a focus on legal research, advocacy, and awareness. This video was created through the sponsorship of the International Commission of Jurists.
If you need legal assistance or would like to register an appointment at our legal clinic, please reach out to us at info@hopecommunity.pk or check out our website at www.hopecommunity.pk.
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