Our Work

Providing Safe Community Spaces

Marginalized people in Pakistan are often faced with a feeling of isolation and loneliness. HOPE tackles this in the form of a vibrant community centre. Through meet-ups, support groups, workshops, and small scale events, people can meet, share their experiences, and connect in the form of a collective.

Therapy and Support Groups

HOPE’s therapy and support group program exists in order to counter fears community members might face as they seek out support. With the help of a licensed therapist who can provide therapy to community members, HOPE aims to challenge stigmas attached to seeking help. There is an effort to encourage emotional support from within the community, resulting in the creation of support groups, such as our Substance Use Support Group.

Advancing Wellness

An issue facing the community is regarding wellness and accessibility. It can be difficult to find sympathetic and safe healthcare providers, however, through personal experiences and trustworthy connections, a list of reliable and sympathetic healthcare providers, such as doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists are available to the community through HOPE.

Training and Workshops

HOPE believes it is vital to equip members of the community with the tools they need as they navigate a hostile society, through training and workshops on fundamental rights, the law, and security.


At HOPE, we see long-term change happening through informed and sensitive advocacy efforts. To us, this involves a two-fold effort to awareness and data collection; at the grassroots and at the senior levels. We believe that the creation of gender sensitive policies in local institutions can only happen through positive engagement, training, and awareness. To this end, HOPE continues to collect information and resources that can be connected with all stakeholders to drive forward progress on a holistic scale.


HOPE is committed to the creation of high-quality research that is sensitive to the needs of the local Khawaja sira community in Pakistan. At a core of HOPE’s aims and objectives is the understanding that research, data, and statistics are essential as we strive towards inclusivity and diversification within Pakistan, and that they provide a vital backbone as we advocate for change. We believe that true research comes from the community itself, which is why one of our central research projects involves a large-scale documentation on human rights violations on the basis of SOGIESC.

Latest Update Regarding our Work

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Latest Updates
  • MAD'OUQ [A documentary film on three Pakistani Transgender Men]. Grand Premier on 9th Nov 2021 at 5PM.



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