Project ADAL (عدل):

Awareness, Documentation and Advocacy for Legally persecuted groups (ADAL) is a project that aims to address systemic weaknesses in the legal and justice systems that contribute to the discrimination and violence perpetrated against Pakistanis on the basis of SOGIESC. The project seeks to empower activists, lawyers and other Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) to make the maximum possible use of international human rights law and mechanisms, and to raise awareness and change attitudes concerning systemic issues such as the continued discrimination, lack of domestic legal protections, the positive role of lawyers and other legal professionals in protecting rights and creating a fairer justice system without the fear of secondary persecution.

Project Satrangi (سترنگی):

Satrangi works on community-building, psychosocial support and wellbeing and security of marginalized groups through research, advocacy and dialogue. We envision a society where all persons are able to access their human rights and live as equal and dignified citizens of Pakistan regardless of their SOGIESC status. This project comprises of a series of activities at individual, community and organizational level seeking to improve the existing mechanisms for support regarding mental health and wellbeing. Another key focus of this project is security, physical as well as online.

Project Ehsas (احساس):

Under Project Ehsas, HOPE has been able to focus on providing safe spaces for the local community, as well as facilitating conversations about mental health, wellbeing, and equality through dialogues and discussions. The aim of this project is to reinforce community-mobilizing and movement-building efforts to unite the voice of the community. HOPE envisions a future where all individuals can access safe and reliable healthcare. This project has enabled us to connect with reliable medical professionals, healthcare workers and a licensed community-friendly therapist who provides therapy to our community members at subsidized rates.

Latest Updates
  • MAD'OUQ [A documentary film on three Pakistani Transgender Men]. Grand Premier on 9th Nov 2021 at 5PM.



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